I have more than 10 years experience in the internet industry including five years commercial UK experience as a web project manager, business analyst and flash developer. I’ve built different data driven web based solutions, leading and managing the different members of my team. I proved myself to be able to handle different projects from the planning and analysis phases until the final implementation, respecting both the schedule, budget and technical constraints.

My key skills are related to developing, managing and promoting web projects and campaigns.  They are main divided business, internet marketing and technical skills.

  1. People Skills
  2. Business skills
  3. Technical skills
  4. Language skills
  5. Artistic skills

People Skill

My business skills include first of all my intangible people skill.  To make sure the all the stakeholders understand and trust me.  I strongly believe it is the most important skill to produce results.  Then all the project management skills that surround communication such as making plans, assign specific tasks, conduct effective meetings (or perhaps not meetings at all) and monitor results.

Business skills

My marketing skills include the ability to write structured content and to optimize it for search engines.  I also found a passion to build brands and to leverage those using social media.

  1. Project Management Skills
  2. Accounting skills: Bookkeeping, Development of Financial statements and ratio analysis, development of an accounting Information System.
  3. Marketing

Technical skills

Finally my technical skills including the classical HTML, CSS, JavaScript,  a basic notion of PHP and my key speciality Flash and Action Script 3.  The world of possibilities in flash soon became my passion and since 2002 (with at the time Macromedia Flash MX) I’ve been designing and building different solutions including banners, RIA, games, e-learning apps, interactive maps and Microsites.

Language skills

I am Trilingual in English, French and polish (and learning Spanish).  I had the chance to study in a international French school and then continue my higher education in English.

As per my plan of constant education I am planning to perfect my Spanish and eventually take upon another language such as Portuguese.

Other languages included programming languages including HTML and especially AS3.

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